Gerrit van Bergeijk
Van Bergeijk Guitars

 Players on Van Bergeijk guitars

An incomplete list, when you miss your name let me know.



Popy Basily                    Model Popy Basili                           Netherlands

Bryan McHugh          Oval Gipsy                           Ireland                 " I am delighted with my one and  the tone is improving all the time"

Phil Dolan                   Oval Gipsy                           United Kingdom   "I have been lucky enough to buy your oval gypsy guitar, fabulous sounding guitar!"

Jan Walters                   Nylon Gipsy                       Netherlands

Janos Koolen                 Model Kasha                     Netherlands

Annemieke Bertelink     Model Nigthingale              Netherlands

Izak Boom                    model Kasha                       Netherlands 


 Kees Ouwejan             Dreadnought                         Netherlands

 Pieter Dillingh              Steelstring Kasha                 Netherlands

Tim Drackert                 Roundhole gipsy+Nylon Gipsy    USA                                                                                                    Henk playing his western

Henk Mosseveld            Baroque guitar+concert+ 2 steelstrings    Netherlands

 Hans de Witt                Acoustic Bass                         Netherlands

Maurits Kroon                Steelstring                            Netherlands

Andy Quinn                    Bigsound                              USA

Paul Van der Velde        Bigsound+Nylon gipsy            Netherlands

Johan Struik                  steelstring                             Netherlands

Amanuma Yuuki            bigsound gipsy                       Japan                

Tim Drackert                 Nylon Gipsy+Roundhole Gipsy   USA

Eric de Jong                  Steelstring D                          Netherlands

Tsuhara Yasumi            Roundhole Gipsy                     Japan       

                             ("The guitar you made for me is my mate as usual " )

John Scrivo                   Oval Gipsy+steelstring D          Germany                                                John Scrivo with his steelstring D

Masimo Valvasori          Oval Gipsy                              Italy              

Marco Kreiken               Model Vienna                         Netherlands

Otto Vogel                     Steelstring D                          Netherlands

Ruud de Jonker             Steelstring Classic                  Netherlands

Thomas Logan               Oval Gipsy custom                  USA        ,

" This guitar is outstanding. It is beautiful to look at and 
most importantly, it sounds great... like a dream. The bridge you put 
on is ideal and the fingerboard is like butter it sits so perfectly 
for my hands. You have exceeded my expectations by  a miles!  Or 
should I say kilometers?"  Thomas

Wim Sleebom                  Oval Gipsy                             Netherlands

Wim Sleeboom with his custom Oval gipsy trio "Zazouswing"

Tim  and Lawrence

Maurits Kroon               Steelstring                              Netherlands  

Lawrence Nelson          Oval Gipsy                               USA    

Henk Bronkhorst          Oval gipsi                                 Nethrelands

Koji Hamano                 Oval Gipsy                                Japan

Daan Smith                  concert guitar                            Netherlands

Hans de Bruin              Nightingale                                Netherlands                                                                                                 Hans de Bruin

Masaki Hashimoto       Roundhole gipsy                         Japan

Helga Buitelaar            Vihuela                                     Netherlands

                 Helga playing the vihuela in style

Johan Struik                  Steelstring                                     Netherlands

Kathy Allsopp                Bouzouki guitar(Bourine)                 Wales

Martin Molenaar            Concert+steelstring+Bouzouki          Netherlands

Ryuji Nakahara              Bigsound gipsy                               Japan

Steve Goodchild            Bourine+western+mandoline+12string+ citern  England

Thomas Arnstz             Nylon gipsy                                     Germany

Sandro Roj                    Ovalgipsy                                        Germany         " Your Oval gipsy sounds the best "

Thorsten Lorenz            Bigsound                                        Germany    " So I am very happy with it, especially the sound"

Bill Farman                    Oval gipsy                                       USA

Bert Koot                       Nightingale+12 string+steelstring      Netherlands

Jan Sier                          Steelstring Classic                           Netherlands

Ferry Lever                     Vienna Gipsy                                  Netherlands

Bart Smith                      Steelstring+Concert                        Netherlands

Leida van Oosten           Steelstring Classic                         Netherlands  

Jan Hertogh                    Yukele                                          Netherlands                         

Sugimoto A                     Oval Gipsy                                     Japan             

Adel Faltas                     Oval Gipsy                                      Netherlands

Sjaak Bolleman               Ovalgipsy                                       Netherlands

Leon van der Krogt        Custom steelstring                          Netherlands

Patrick Volz                     Bigsound                                        Germany

Rene Vermaes                Roundhole gipsy                             Netherlands

Jan Dijker                        Oval Gipsy                                      Netherlands

Dejan Krsmanovic          Big sound                                       Serbia

Kenji Narushima             Nylon Gipsy                                   Japan

Casper Leien                  Steelstring                                      Netherlands