Handmade guitars for musicians hands

I have been building acoustic guitars since 1990. All my instruments are made of first class woods, which have been in my own storage for over 15 years, a lot of it is over 25 years old.

Great sound
My hand-made guitars are well balanced and loud in the whole range of tones. My guitars give you the opportunity to create your own personal sound. On my classical guitars, steel strings and gipsy guitars you'll play guitar as you have never before.

My guitars play easily. I would love to make a neck to your special wishes. The width, thickness and shape can be customized to suit your hand and playing style. This can make a world of difference to you and your playing

Made by hand
All my hand-made instruments are solely made by me. The whole building process is in one pair of hands.

World Wide
Last 28 years I have made instruments for professionals and other guitar lovers around the world: USA, Canada, GB, Ireland, Japan, Serbia, Norway, Italy. Germany etc.
And there even might be a Van Bergeijk guitar player just around your corner!

For all discussions, sharing ideas and techniques I'm thankful to Anton Wiegers, Jeroen Hilhorst, Frans Elferink and many other luthiers.  

Gerrit van Bergeijk
Netherlands 2021 

Gerrit van Bergeijk
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The Netherlands

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