19th Century Romantic Guitar

The Romantic guitar
The 19th century Romantic guitar is an interesting instruments. The intimate sound will bring you back to the atmosphere of the  early music.  The intimate  sound in combination with a 6 string instrument that feels comfortable and has enough in common with the modern guitar. It won’t take long and you will  feel at home with this instrument.
All music from the 19th century composers  as Sor, Giuliani, Mertz and many others was written and played on the 6 string Romantic guitar.

The French style from Lacote
I made an instrument in the French style, a Lacote from about 1820. I used a ladder bracing which was widely spread  in that time. The scale is 62 cm. 3 cm shorter than the modern guitar. Playability is very comfortable.

For the neck I used walnut. The neck dimensions are also a few mm wider than the original. I prefer 50mm at the nut.
The body is from flamed maple. Stained color like a violin. The top is European spruce of course.

The sound is intimate with a fast attack and bright trebles. This instrument will fill your room nicely.

This guitar leads you back in time to the early music atmosphere.
Option: 7 strings.


Back & Sides





Top nut widht

Upper bout


Lower bout

Body lenght


European Spruce

European Maple

Other woods

walnut or maple


62 cm



16 cm

28 cm


Modern pegheds

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