Music lovers playing Van Bergeijk guitars

During the last decades I’ve build many guitars. For great professional players as well as students and amateurs. It is all about the love for the music. Most instruments are custom made.  An incomplete list.
Classical, Steelstrings, Gipsy’s, but also Baroque guitars, Vihuela, Romantic guitars, Baritone etc.

Popy Basily "
The Gerrit van Bergeijk guitar is simply the best

asked me to make a very good gipsy guitar for him. A real gipsy sound and exellent  playability.

Popy Basily with his Oval Gipsy 

Dejan Krsmanovic  Serbia
Composer, Producer, Performer Photographer
Thank you Gerrit . I love your work, my guitar is one super instrument. It is very good in hand and very good for recording.
Michiel Kemme
is  student at the guitarschool  Wilco van Wee in Leiderdorp Holland.
Michiel Is very happy with his custom made  concert guitar.

Bouwe Elzinga from Holland plays one of my European Spruce concert guitars

Bryan McHugh ordered one of my early Oval Gipsy Guitars.
" I'm delighted with my one and the tone is improving all the time"

Phil Dolan: United Kingdom  ?"I have been lucky enough to buy your oval gypsy guitar, fabulous sounding guitar!"

Rene Vermaes Roundhole gipsy guitar. Later I build his acoustic Double neck

Kenji Narushima  From Japan ordered a Nylon Gipsy

Sugimoto A from Japan plays one of my custom Oval Gipsy's

Bouwe Elzinga with his' van Bergeijk Concert guitar

Verão Viller - Duo Fado Instrumental (J. Dijker)
Jan Dijker plays one of my Oval gipsy cedar tops.

Patrick Volz from Germany plays one of my Bigsound models

Patrick Broekema from Holland owns one of my Baroque guitars

Henk Mosseveld:  Classical guitar, Baroque  guitar, Western dreadnought and Cedar steelstring 'the mouse'
Gitaarschool Henk Mosseveld

Izak Boom: Model Kasha

Rene Vermaes and the Simits

Patrick Broekema with my Baroque guitar. Made in the Voboam tradition.
Erik de Jong Steelstring Dreadnought 46

Wim Keuvelaar The Concert guitars

Willemijn Biemond  Lefthanded concert guitar.

Ritsaart Kroon  2 concert guitars

Willem Vermaase: lefthandet 19th century guitar

Steve Goodchild UK.  12 string, steelstring, Mandola, Bouzouki guitar, 10 string Citern guitar 

Martin Molenaar Steelstring, Bouzouki, concert guitar 

Paul van der Velde Nylon Gipsy, Bigsound and a steelstring

Stuhara Yasumi Japan Roundhole Gipsy

Erik Harstad   Norway   Oval Gipsy

Lex van Amsterdam Baritone steelstring

Arnold Veeman
Gipsy Vienna

Rik Wingelaar Kasha steelstring

Edwin Jongbloed Kasha Steelstring

Henk Bronkhorst  Oval Gipsy

Nic Veldhuis   Steelstring Cedar

Annemieke Berteling Steelstring Nightingale

Janos Koolen Kasha steelstring

Marco Kreiken Gipsy model Vienna

Ferry Lever Gipsy model Vienna

Bert Koot 12 string and 2 steelstrings

Helga Buitelaar Vihuela

Iwan de Kaste Oval Gipsy

Sandro Roy Germany Oval Gipsy

Jan Sier  Steelstring

Leon van der Krogt
  Big sound Gipsy guitar and steelstring

Johan Struik Steelstring cedar

Kees Ouwejan Dreadnought steelstring

Thorsten Lorenz Germany  Bigsound gipsy

Thomas Logan USA  Oval Gipsy
This guitar is outstanding. It is beautiful to look at and
most importantly, it sounds great... like a dream. The bridge you put
on is ideal and the fingerboard is like butter it sits so perfectly
for my hands. You have exceeded my expectations by  a miles!  Or
should I say kilometers?"  Thomas

Alexander Harnisch Germany  Steelstring and oval gipsy

Hans de Bruin Steelstring Nightingale

Raymon Reinhard Germany Oval Gipsy 



Henk Mosseveld playing his steelstring  "The Mouse"

Wim Sleeboom, I build a custom Oval hole gipsy for Wim. Special neck dimension. "I Always play my Bergeijky"

Erik de Jong plays his van Bergeijk
Dreadnought nr 46
Abalone inlay
''t verdriet van Altena in Woerkum
Hear the bright sound from the Kasha guitar in this clip played by Izak Boom

Arnold Veeman laying my Model Vienna. Visit his site and you's see that he makes wonderful music.

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