Gerrit van Bergeijk
Van Bergeijk Guitars

The steelstring Nightingale

My own design steelstring with cutaway. I worked at this concept for over 10 years. Some other cutaway instruments have the same cutaway line, but this one is special. The neck is constructed with a carbon reinforcement, invisible and very  strong. There are also two parts of ebony in the neck. The sides are handmade in 3 layers: 2 maple and one Indian rosewood. The back is made of Indian rosewood and cedar with glass in the core. Very stiff!


Sides and back are constructed with one goal: Sound Projection!  The spruce top again is very light and thin.


This guitar sounds very loud and with a full bass. All trebles sound bright all over the fingerboard in all positions.


An instrument full of guitar innovation.









cutaway with the heel.


Headstock with Waverly tuners




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