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My round-hole   Gipsy model


Round hole gipsy guitars are always on request. Some players love the sound of the gipsy guitar but prefer a more regular sound-hole. Selmer made some very good sounding round-hole instruments. The are some more differences than just the sound-hole.

Possible to make a 12 fret neck body joint. The bridge is more located in the middle of the soundboard (the top)  in that case. I  prefer a location in the middle of the soundboard. Just as by the classical guitar.

In some cases the customer prefers a very simple sound-hole without any inlay.
Other parts of the guitars are constructed the same as the Vienna: Stiff back and stiff neck.

Some players love this guitar for finger-style bossa nova.


Contact me for information about Round-hole Gipsy guitars.

Roundhole for Tsuhara Yasumi from Japan




No inlay


Roundhole with pickup


roundhoel with abalone inlay


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