Gerrit van Bergeijk
Van Bergeijk Guitars

  The  Big Sound model.



Click to hearThis model is the loudest,  most powerfull and  balanced gipsy guitar I can make (at the moment).

The whole concept is focussed on sound production and reflection.
The top is the natural amplifier if the string vibration.
There is a light bracing on the top. Two braces under the bridge. A large active top part for optimal sound production.

All other parts are extremely stiff,  so energy gets lost in the neck, sides or the back. 

Some instruments have a 24th fret. In that case the fingerboard goes over the soundhole. Also extra stiffness.


The sustain is very good. Sustain gives you much more dynamic and power as a player.
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Click on the Photo and listen to Patrick Volz





The back Indian Rosewood


The fingerboard